Self-Directed Learning

Click IconResourceDescriptionHelpful Links
QriesexpiiBuild on existing knowledge and give the student the opportunity to practice.
QriesKhan AcademySupport students practicing skills.Tutorial
QriesEducationGames with a learning purpose.
learning tools for students including flashcards
QriesGimkitAnswer quiz questions
ACT AcademyFree practice for the ACT
QriesAccuplacer Practice TestFree Accuplacer practice tests.
QriesOfficial ASVAB practice testOfficial ASVAB practice test
QriesFree ASVAB practice testFree ASVAB practice test
QriesFree Kaplan ACT PrepFree Kaplan ACT Prep
QriesFree SAT PrepFree SAT Prep
QriesInterpret ACTMath topics covered on ACT for each score range
QriesBrilliantHigher level STEM instruction
QriesMIT CoursesFree online courses from MIT
QriesCLTSome colleges are using CLT instead of ACT or SAT for entrance exams.
QriesDiscovery EdStandards-based digital curriculum resources for K–12 classrooms including digital textbooks and multimedia content.Tutorial
QriesScratchCreate stories, games, and animations
QriesAnimotoDrag and drop video maker
QriesStory JumperStudents can read or listen to books and collaborate with their teachers using this tool.
QriesStory BirdStudents can improve their writing with this online instruction and challenges.
QriesCleverOnline portal for digital learning.