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Quiz: Tools for the Task

An elementary school provided pull-out services for remedial reading instruction. Each of the teachers who worked with pulled-out students kept their own list of who they worked with and when. No master list existed. As part of their school improvement plan, the school wanted to identify effective practices for raising reading scores of the students who were pulled out. They used a spreadsheet to create a master roster and included the students' reading scores. When they made this, they discovered some students were being pulled by two different teachers for the same service and some students had high reading scores before being pulled for remedial reading services. Select the things that would be impacted by having this master spreadsheet. Mark all that apply.
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If you want to set up a spreadsheet to create a roster of students who receive a specific service, would the following columns be appropriate and sufficient for later determining if the service was effective? Student Name, Either Birthday OR Student ID, Either the Activity OR the Building Name, Days Attended
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A high school counselor is to review the transcripts of the seniors to make sure they are enrolling in what they need to meet the graduation requirements. Which of the following are true about ways of approaching this task?
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