Lesson Delivery Tools

Click IconResourceDescriptionHelpful Links
QriesGoogle MeetFree video conferencing.Tutorial
QriesGoogle SitesCreate webpages to publish and share with your classroomTutorial
QriesGoogle Meet AttendancePlugin that helps you take attendance during Google Meet sessions.Tutorial
QriesPeardeckThis plugin for google slides helps increase participation with your students by allowing them to respond to questions in real time on google slides.Tutorial
QriesMake online presentations: LoomMake online presentations, with your video, free for educators during Covid-19 times.
QriesFlippityTurn a google spreadsheet into a set of online Flashcards or Quiz Show.
QriesPlickers WebsiteCreate online quiz cardsGetting Started
QriesScreencastifyScreen recorder for chromeTips and Tricks
QriesKahoot!create games for students
QriesEdPuzzleCreate videos with voiceover for your lessons, you can see which student view the video and how many times
QriesAccess the Slides Carnival TemplatesFree powerpoint templates
QriesGizmosOnline simulations that power inquiry and understanding
QriesEllevationInstructional strategies to meet the needs of English Language Learners
QriesEdgenuityOnline curriculum and instruction for middle and high school students.
SeeSawDigital portfolios for students to submit assignments and messaging for parents and teachers
zoomVideo and online communicating that can be used for teleconferencing, distance education, and social relations.
skypeVideo chatting and calls between computers and mobile devices.
YouTubeOnline video-sharing platform
Open Broadcaster SoftwareFree software for recording video and live streaming
QriesPlagiarism CheckerCopy and paste text into this webpage to check for plagiarism.
QriesPreziPresentation software
QriesHaiku DeckPresentation software
QriesAnimotoDrag and drop video maker
QriesFlipSnackDigital flipbook maker
QriesSocrativeOnline classroom engagement and assignments.
QriesPik to ChartEasily create reports, presentations, infographics, social media graphics, and prints.
QriesVismeInfographic software