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Lesson Content Tools

Click IconResourceDescriptionHelpful Links
QriesDesmosCan be used to illustrate concepts in math. Great features for monitoring students. Has a lesson plan database. Provides calculators required in most advanced math. Many states allow use of Desmos on standardized tests.Tutorial
QriesFree Classroom ResourcesVideos, text, etc. to use as part of a lesson.
QriesNOAA DatabaseTopic related collections of information that can be used in lessons.
QriesWorldometerPublic Databases to use in lessons
QriesCK-12Ready-made texts, worksheets, exercises. These can be edited.
QriesCurriculum PathwaysFree lesson resources for teachers.
QriesMathematics Assessment ProjectLessons for formative assessment of students
QriesQuizizz Sitelearning tools for students including flashcardsTutorial
QriesEstimation 180This resources helps students and teachers develop number sense and build mathematical reasoning.
QriesWhich One Doesn't Belong?Thought-provoking puzzles for students and teachers.
QriesOpen MiddleDatabase of math problems designed to have multiple ways of solving to encourage a higher depth of knowledge.
QriesTessellation CreatorInteractive tool that students can use to create and explore tessellations.
QriesNCTM IlluminationsA collection of interactive tools that students can use for math.
QriesScratchCreate stories, games, and animations
QriesPixtonOnline comic story creator
QriesGlogsterCreate your own multimedia poster