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  • Leadership Planning Map

  • The following are beliefs topics that math teachers should discuss because they will form the foundation of the vision and mission statements. What topics will your team discuss? (Use the notes field for Other topics.)
  • You will need to write Belief Statements after discussing what you believe regarding the topics you selected. Write any notes about these statements. Your Belief Statements should align with your school or district Belief Statements, so be sure to have those handy.
  • Your Vision Statement might include statements about
    1.) citizenship,
    2.) life-long learner,
    3.) academically prepared/Career and College Ready,
    4.) leadership/problem-solving/critical thinking skills,
    5.) fulfilling potential,
    6.) able to understand scientific information
  • Note how your Vision aligns with the schools' Vision statement.
  • The Mission Statement provides direction for reaching the vision. It needs to emphasize the following:
    1.) equity and access to rigor,
    2.) success for all students.
    3.) Career and College Ready
    4.) preparing for aspirations
    5.) life-long learning
    6.) Leadership
    7.) Data-driven

    Select from these statements things you might include in your mission statement. Your Mission Statement should mention the three school counselor domains. Use the "other" options to write additional notes.
  • You will need to find your District and School Mission Statements, so you have them handy. Your Mission Statement needs to align with those.
  • Your goals are critical to the decisions being made. The goals determine what data will be relevant, what services will be provided, and how success will be measured and communicated. The goals should be consistent with your school's improvement plan.