Communication & Collaboration Tools

Click IconResourceDescriptionHelpful Links
QriesGoogle MeetFree video conferencing.Tutorial
QriesClass DojoOnline systems that coordinate communication and resource sharing between a group.
QriesPeardeckThis plugin for google slides helps increase participation with your students by allowing them to respond to questions in real time on google slides.Tutorial
QriesG-Meet Breakout RoomsPlugin for Google Meet that enables you to have different breakout rooms for your students.Tutorial
QriesPadletCreate online post-it boardsTutorial
QriesPoll EverywhereTake attendance, give quizzes, and gauge understanding whether your students are near or far.
QriesRemindTwo-way messaging
QriesFlipgridStudent can watch videos and also record their own video responsesTutorial
QriesAnswer GardenFeedback tool to create a simple poll, questions, or for group brainstorming.Getting Started
zoomVideo and online communicating that can be used for teleconferencing, distance education, and social relations.
skypeVideo chatting and calls between computers and mobile devices.
YouTubeOnline video-sharing platform
QriesVocarooFree tool that allows you to record and share voice recordingsTutorial
QriesJamboardA collaborative digital whiteboard, it can be shared between students and used in realtime or can be used individually.Tutorial
QriesBoom WriterOnline tool for teachers to teach and collaborate with their students.
QriesExplain EverythingDigital Whiteboard
QriesEductreationsOnline tools that help teachers create collaborate with their students.
QriesVoice ThreadCreate presentations for online learning
QriesDiscordA voice, video and text communication service used to hang out and talk with friends and communities.
QriesMentimeterCreate interactive presentations & meetings, wherever you are.