• Foundational Beliefs

  • The following are belief topics that are foundational to decision making in education. Select the top two topics that you feel are most important for a shared vision among all stakeholders in education while moving toward using data.
  • Your Personal Vision

  • A vision might include these topics:
    1.) citizenship,
    2.) life-long learner,
    3.) academically prepared/Career and College Ready,
    4.) leadership/problem-solving/critical thinking skills,
    5.) fulfilling potential,
    6.) appreciate diversity
    Select the top 5 that you feel are most important for the adults your students will become.
  • Your Personal Mission

  • The mission describes direction for reaching the vision. It may emphasize the following:
    1.) equity and access to rigor,
    2.) success for all students.
    3.) becoming Career and College Ready
    4.) preparing for aspirations
    5.) life-long learning
    6.) Leadership
    7.) Data-driven
    8.) Diversity and global citizenship

    Select your top 3 things that would support achieving your vision.
  • Educational Goals

  • Which of the following goals most support your vision and mission?